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    Characteristics to be noted when selecting the gasket (the wine cover gasket)


    Air tightness

    For media in a sealed system, the gasket does not leak for a certain period of time at the recommended temperature and pressure.


    The contact surface of the gasket and the flange should be well matched after the connecting bolt is tightened to ensure the seal.


    Creep resistance

    Under the influence of pressure load and service temperature, the creep resistance should be better, otherwise the bolt torque loss will be lost, resulting in the surface stress of the gasket being reduced, and the hard gas system leaking.


    Chemical resistance

    The gasket selected should be free from chemical media and must not contaminate the media.



    Even in the stable condition of the system, the two flanges connected must have slight displacement due to the influence of temperature and pressure. The elastic function of the gasket should compensate for this displacement to ensure the sealing of the system.



    The gasket should be easily removed from the flange after use and not bonded.



    The gasket should be non-corrosive to the flange surface of the joint.


    Temperature resistance

    The gaskets selected should be used at the lowest temperature and maximum temperature of the system.





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